Special Bundle Price 3rm HDB (2rm + 1 Hall) – 0.70mm Vinyl Sheet

$1,410.00 Nett

Vinyl Sheet from Korea,

price featured is NETT. No GST

Include Supply and Install


Curated for rental housing tenants whose stay is temporary or short term. Choose  from 4 available colours / designs.

  • Strong rubberized double-sided tape will be used for perimeter
  • Perimeter sealant included
  • Price is for the Supply and Install of 0.70mm Vinyl Sheet

Click on this option if you only need to overlay 2 room + 1 Hall in your house with 0.70mm Vinyl Sheet

Note: Vinyl Sheet hugs to the contours of your floor, if there are unevenness on flooring, it will show after installation.


Additional information

Vinyl Sheet

1.8m Width x 25m Length


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