Living room of a 3rm HDB – 3.00mm Vinyl Tiles

$1,080.00 Nett

Vinyl Tiles from Korea,

price featured is NETT. No GST

Include Supply and Install


Curated for majority of home owners who stay mid – long term. Choose from 19 available colours / designs.

  • Strong Vinyl Adhesive (low odour)
  • Perimeter sealant
  • Terminations
  • Supply and Install

Click on this option if you only need to overlay Living room of your 3rm HDB in your house with 3.00mm Vinyl Tiles. Calculated based on 18sqm of area.

Note: Vinyl Tiles have a higher tolerance for uneven subfloor however, a relatively flat surface is ideal to achieve excellent finishing.


Additional information

Vinyl Tiles

6inch x 36inch x 3mm


Resistance to Water, Resistance to Chemicals, Abrasion Resistance, Indentation resistance, Slip Resistance, Scratch Resistance


Easy Maintenance, mop with water occasionally adding
mild detergent


Flame Retardance


Sound Absorption


Anti-Bacterial, Comply with VOC Emissions Standards


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